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How You Can Manage Your Competency Card Online | RSA Online NSW

RSA Online NSW

The Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training is a requirement for all persons working in the liquor and gaming industry, as well as some parts of the entertainment industry. Because of its prevalence as a requirement, RSA online NSW courses – as well as in-person courses – have been made available for persons interested in […]

Understanding the Guidelines for Liquor Promotions | RSA Online NSW

RSA Online NSW

RSA Online NSW  | Social gatherings are an important part of keeping a community bonded together. Events such as festivals, concerts, food and beverage functions, and parades celebrate the spirit of the community and enrich the local social culture, bringing people from different backgrounds together.   Liquor promotions are one of these activities – whether […]

Types of Liquor Licensing in New South Wales, Pt. 3 | RSA Online NSW

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This article tackles the limited liquor licences applicable within the jurisdiction of New South Wales, as well as establishments that may not need a liquor licence. RSA Online NSW courses and NSW competency cards are still required of servers of alcohol. It is advised that servers and/or business owners have their certification papers or competency cards […]

Serving Alcohol Responsibly in New South Wales | RSA Online NSW

RSA Online NSW

Serving alcohol in New South Wales isn’t as simple as just pouring a drink from a bottle into a glass, alcohol service — particularly responsible alcohol service — (RSA Online NSW). In NSW, as it does for the whole country, responsible alcohol service involves legislation and requires training and licensing of sellers, servers, and suppliers […]

RSA Online NSW | Preventing Intoxication (And What You Can Do)

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RSA Online NSW Intoxicated behaviour is always present in our community life all over the world. Drinking, whether alone or with friends, can be a fun experience but in moderation. However, excessive alcohol can lead to unpleasant scenarios, such as struggling to stand, walk, or vomit. In worse cases, inebriation may lead to vehicular-related accidents […]