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The Evolution of NSW Liquor Laws and Responsible Service of Alcohol – Part II

This blog continues a discussion on the evolution of liquor laws and RSA in NSW. Perhaps the most significant changes occurred in 1996 when both Acts were changed to introduce “harm minimisation” (i.e. minimising the harm associated with the misuse and abuse of liquor) as a primary object of both Acts. The move to harm […]

The Evolution of NSW Liquor Laws and Responsible Service of Alcohol – Part I

While the majority of people consume alcohol responsibly, Governments have always recognised the negative impact that alcohol can have on the community. As a result, the sale and supply of liquor is appropriately controlled, and sanctions apply where licensed venues are poorly run and irresponsible liquor serving occurs – such as intoxication (i.e. drunkenness) and […]

Drink spiking

Drink spiking is when another person adds alcohol or another drug to a person’s drink without their knowledge or consent. A person who spikes a drink may be the victim’s friend, acquaintance, work colleague, date or a stranger. Drinks can be spiked in nightclubs, bars, dance parties, private residences, BBQs, community celebrations and restaurants. Drink […]

Observing patron behaviour

The most effective way for licensees and RSA staff to determine if a person is unduly intoxicated, is observing patron behaviour. It DOES NOT require licensees and staff to count drinks, guess what a patron’s blood alcohol level would be, or to use a breathalyser. Observation means looking for the signs of changing behaviour that […]

Who is responsible for checking ID on licensed premises?

All RSA QLD staff, including reception/door staff, bar attendants and security staff, needs to be alert as it is an offence for minors to be found drinking at your establishment! At nightclubs and similar venues, it is advisable to check ID at the front door as it is an offence for a minor to be […]