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The Immediate Effect of Alcohol

People drink alcohol for a variety of reasons, including the experience of relaxation, wellbeing and loss of inhibitions. The social and psychological benefits of alcohol may also include enhanced creativity and a therapeutic value in times of stress. It can provide relief from self-consciousness and help boost confidence in social situations.

Evidence of age at licensed venues in NSW

By law, licensees, RSA staff, police and OLGR compliance officers can require a young person to produce identification to verify their age. A person commits an offence where they fail to produce prescribed evidence of age or refuse to provide their details. Evidence of age                               If a person who appears to be under the legal […]

Checking ID: What to Look for

If you haven’t personally seen a patron’s ID and you have suspicions the patron is underage, again check the ID for yourself, as RSA staff can still be held accountable for supplying liquor to a minor. Here are some tips on how to check ID: Familiarise yourself with the built-in security features for each ID […]

Alcohol and young people

RSA is more than just a certificate, it also involves an understanding of how alcohol affects people. In particular, young people. There are many good reasons for teenagers not to drink alcohol before turning 18. Early drinking is related to increased alcohol consumption in adolescence and young adulthood. These drinking patterns are also related to […]

What to do if a glassing occurs

One of the key objectives of Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) is to reduce alcohol related crime such as glassings. Would you know what to do if a glassing occurred where you work? The area where a glassing takes place is considered a crime scene. If police can’t gather evidence, the perpetrator may get off […]

Has your RSA certificate expired?

Back in January 2009, a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate became a mandatory requirement for anyone working on licensed premises who is involved in supplying or selling alcohol. An RSA QLD certificate remains valid for three years. Many staff working on licensed premises will find that their RSA certificate is now approaching its expiry […]