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Frequently Asked Questions: Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA online QLD)

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Having some difficulties finding out about mandatory Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training? Why not review the frequently asked questions about RSA online training courses. The Club Training Australia RSA online course is approved by the Queensland OLGR.

Strategies to Prevent Intoxication | RSA

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Licensees should be aware that their premises would be more attractive, profitable and they may have lower staff turnover if they avoid problems caused by intoxicated customers. RSA QLD personnel will also find that they can perform better in an environment without the intoxicated customers. Some strategies to prevent problems with intoxicated customers are: Avoiding […]

What are the benefits of Responsible Service of Alcohol QLD?

Responsible Service of Alcohol QLD

Everyone benefits when alcohol is served responsibly. If staff understand the product they are selling or hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol QLD certificate, then they understand the responsibilities that come with it. Servers will have a more pleasant work environment without rowdy, intoxicated customers. Excessive drinking makes life more difficult for people working in […]

RMLV Strategies Part 1: Amenities and Patron Responsibility

It may be your responsibility as a licensee or manager to ensure your patrons receive high quality customer service, but did you know that your patrons must also meet their responsibilities when visiting your venue?  Here are some guidelines to help you determine what falls under the responsibility of the licensee and those of the […]

Principles of Liquor Accords

Establishing a liquor accord is a positive step to ensure the safety of your venue, maintain responsible service of alcohol and foster good relations within your local community.  However, before you commit to formulating a liquor accord it is important to develop set principles that must be promoted and implemented by all Accord Members.  Here […]

Ensuring the Responsible Service of Alcohol

Imagine this scenario: a new employee, Becky has just begun her first night shift at your venue.  She has spent a few weeks waitressing during the lunch shift, but you’re keen to give her some exposure to working at the bar during the evening.  At 9pm a group of young men starts to hassle her […]

RSA: Government and Community Concerns

Because the Government regulates liquor sale and supply, there is an onus on those who are responsible for the retailing of alcohol to do so responsibly by providing a safe and enjoyable environment for patrons. That onus also means serving liquor to ensure that patrons do not become drunk and subsequently a problem for management, […]