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Noise management strategies for licensees and approved managers

 Entertainment is only mandatory for licensees and approved managers with a “commercial other subsidiary on-premises licence” where the principal activity is the provision of entertainment. Other licensees may conduct entertainment as long as it does not create a noise nuisance.

Alterations and additions to licensed areas

What is the licensed area? The part of the building and land where liquor can be sold, supplied and consumed is called the licensed area. The licensed area is stated on the licence document under the heading “Licensed Area Description.” The licensed area description contains what buildings or part of buildings are licensed and details […]

Penalties under the Liquor Act 1992

For licensees and approved managers to meet their obligations under the Act, it is necessary that they are aware and have an understanding of the basic offences and trading rules under the Act. A range of penalty action may be taken under the Act if a licensee, manager or other person is found breaching the […]

RMLV: liquor licensing investigators

Who is an investigator? An investigator is either an OLGR compliance officer or a police officer. OLGR staff members are issued with a photographic identification card. Licensees and staff should request to see this identification if it has not been shown to them. The investigator is not entitled to exercise powers under the Act unless […]