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Safety of New Workers via Induction Programs

Statistics continually show that new workers are more likely to have accidents than other workers, regardless of the industry they work in, their age or occupation. Thus the person in charge of the business or undertaking (PCBU) needs to address the health and safety issues affecting new workers.  An induction program is one way of […]

All New Workers Require An Induction

All new workers require adequate information and training to do their job safely. PCBUs should not assume that because a new worker has received prior education and training, especially those workers who have a trade, that they will know how to do the job safely. The procedures, materials or equipment may be unfamiliar to the […]

Including A Policy On Young Workers In Your Staff Induction

An effective induction program will ensure that young workers are introduced to the workplace safely. Almost half of all young workers that were injured are in their first year of work. Queensland clubs could consider using the text below as an introduction to their policy and section on young and new workers.

Staff Inductions and Armed Robbery Policies

Effective Queensland Clubs include in their induction program a policy detailing emergency procedures such as armed robbery. Below are some suggested items to include in your policy. The most important thing to do during an armed robbery is survive. Do not do anything that may place yourself or others in danger. During the event Co-operate […]