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Gambling: are you in control?

A key component of delivering responsible service of gambling, it to ensure you understand the risks and warning signs associated with problem gambling. Most adult Queenslanders gamble – whether it be at a casino or the local hotel or club – on lotto, bingo, the horses, sports events, keno, gaming machines or some other game […]

Your role as a gaming venue employee

When working at a gambling venue in Queensland if you observe a number of risk indicators in a patron your responsible gambling role is to: – Provide the patron with information about the role of your venue’s CLO – provide the patron with information about the self-exclusion services that are available at your venue – […]

Know the facts: gambling risks and returns

As a gaming employee you are required to assist patrons understand the rules of gambling activities and the odds of winning. Of course responsible service of gambling doesn’t require you to memorise the odds of every poker machine or keno combination, but this blog post will give you a broad overview.

Recognising a problem gambler

Over the years working in the gaming industry, both as a Customer Liaison Officer and at Club Training Australia there is one question that I have been asked the most … “Matt, how do I recognise a problem gambler?” and to be honest it has to be one of the biggest and hardest questions that […]