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Responsible Gambling Code of Practice: Outcomes

The Responsible Gambling Code of Practice is based on shared commitment by gambling industry providers to the guiding principle of ethical and responsible behaviour. This principle recognises the importance of customers’ wellbeing with a focus on minimising the potential harm of gambling. In addition, customers’ rights to privacy are respected.

Minors prohibited from gambling

Last week we looked at the features of a safe and supportive gambling venue, and the eight (8) key areas and best practices outlined by the Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice – to ensure that the physical environment of a gambling venue is safe for patrons, and supports responsible gambling. The first key area […]

Features of a safe and supportive gambling venue

A safe and supportive gambling environment involves establishing links with your local Gambling Help Service, and enlisting their professional advice and services. RSG staff should be able to readily provide responsible gambling information to patrons. Management should be supporting the responsible gambling role of the Customer Liaison Officer (CLO), and the similar role performed by […]

History of Gambling in Qld

The history of Queensland’s commercialised gambling industry is linked to European settlement. Initially, the law makers of Australian colonies tried to prohibit some forms of gambling. These attempts to eliminate gambling proved unpopular and ineffective – illegal gambling largely persisted. As an alternative to total prohibition, laws were introduced to strictly regulate gambling activities – […]

Information that should be available to gambling patrons

You need to be aware of the responsible gambling information that is available in your workplace to assist you when responding to patrons request for information. It is important that you know where the following gambling information is located (if you are unsure where to locate any of the following information in your own venue, […]