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Ensuring Food Safety at Off-Site Events – Part I

If your food service establishment is catering for local events, festivals or any food event away from your food premises, Food Safety Supervisors need to be vigilant to ensure that the food you provide is safe. The food safety problems that may occur will depend on the food handling activities that you will have at […]

Food premises and equipment – Part I

Facilities are required to ensure that their food premises, fixtures, fittings, equipment and transport vehicles are designed and constructed so as to allow ease of cleaning. Facilities must also ensure that the premises are provided with the necessary services of water, waste disposal, light, ventilation, cleaning and personal hygiene, storage space and access to toilets.

Reheating food safely

Food Safety Supervisors understand that bacteria can grow in food that is reheated too slowly. Holding food, at temperatures where bacteria can multiply, can also cause food-borne illnesses. If you reheat previously cooked and cooled potentially hazardous food, you must reheat it rapidly to 60°C or hotter. You should aim to reheat food to 60°C, […]

Safe food preparation

Experienced Food Safety Supervisors understand that even the freshest raw food contains bacteria right from the start, so it’s important to follow the steps listed below to help prevent food-borne illnesses. Preparation means preparing food for cooking, packaging, reheating, serving or selling. Hazards when preparing food People who do not understand safe food preparation practices […]

Frozen food storage

Freezing is an excellent way of keeping potentially hazardous foods for long periods. Food Safety Supervisors understand that there is a danger if frozen food is thawed to above 5°C, and then refrozen. This is because bacteria will have multiplied when the food is thawed and then will  also be frozen. If frozen food begins […]

Storing cold food safely

Competent Food Safety Supervisor ensure that potentially hazardous foods are stored safely. Potentially hazardous foods are foods that might contain food poisoning bacteria and are capable of making people sick if they are not stored at correct temperatures. Potentially hazardous foods need to be stored below 5°C when in cold storage.