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Food Safety Supervisor QLD: The Course Outline

Food Safety Supervisor

Getting into the food industry includes specific requirements. In Australia, particularly in Queensland, one requirement is the hiring or appointment of a Food Safety Supervisor QLD, a Nationally Recognised Training that is offered nationwide. The Food Safety Supervisor role covers the responsibilities of a food business with regards to the safety and hygiene of both […]

The Responsibilities of a Food Safety Supervisor QLD

food safety supervisor qld

Food safety is an important part of the food industry, especially with regard to the safety and protection of consumers and staff alike. The food industry in Queensland, in particular, is required to follow the regulations established by the Food Act 2006. In line with these regulations, all food businesses in the Queensland state are […]

Food Safety Supervisor QLD | The Key Roles of an FSS

food safety supervisor qld

What is the Food Safety Supervisor QLD? It is a role for which all food businesses in Queensland are required to hire or assign personnel. The Food Safety Supervisor role may be appointed, in which the designated employee will be obliged to undertake the necessary training course for certification. The FSS role can also be […]

Mobile Catering at A Quick Glance | Food Safety Supervisor NSW

Food safety supervisor NSW

Food Safety Supervisor NSW Mobile catering is becoming increasingly popular in today’s food service industry and typically involves selling prepared food from some form of vehicle or other mobile set-ups, usually taking on the form of carts or food trucks. These mobile catering businesses bring meals to the consumer, instead of the other way around, […]

The Importance of Food Hygiene: Common Food Poisoning Sources

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Food safety is an everyday concern that, while seemingly pedestrian, is nonetheless a critical aspect of food preparation. Food safety prevents common concerns with food handling and consumption, such as cross-contamination, food poisoning, and food handling-related injuries. Because of the importance of food safety, the Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) training and certification became a requirement […]

Food Safety Supervisor NSW: Supervising Food Handling and Safety in Cafes and Restaurants

Food Safety Supervisor

A Food Safety Supervisor NSW is aware that food poisoning, also known as foodborne illness, is a critical issue in the country, with its outcomes significantly affecting both food business owners as well as consumers. In fact, according to Australia’s Department of Health, there are an estimated 4.1 million cases of food poisoning each year. […]

How to Qualify for a Food Safety Supervisor NSW Position

Food Safety Supervisor

According to the NSW Food Act of 2003, there are particular food businesses in the retail foodservice and hospitality sector in New South Wales that requires at least one (1) FSS or Food Safety Supervisor NSW.   An FSS is a trained individual whose aim is to identify and prevent risks that are associated with […]

Facts You Need to Know About a NSW Food Safety Supervisor

Food Safety Supervisor

What’s a NSW Food Safety Supervisor  (FSS) and why is the position important? A food safety supervisor is someone who is a current FSS certificate holder and qualified to identify and prevent any risks that are linked to food handling in certain retail food businesses. They are also licensed to train and supervise other individuals […]