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Know Your Food Business: Receiving Food

A food safety supervisor must take all practicable measures to ensure that the food business only accepts food that is protected from the likelihood of contamination. We have been discussing how to create a checklist to ensure that your food business meets all the requirements of the Food Safety Standards 3.2.2. This week we will […]

FAQ: Complying With Food Safety Programs

What happens after my food safety program is accredited? Food Safety Supervisors with an accredited food safety program must comply with the program in carrying on the food business. A copy of the accredited food safety program must be kept by employees of the food business at the food premises and be made available for […]

FAQ: Food Safety Programs

Do I need a food safety program? Under the Act, certain licensable food businesses in Queensland must have a food safety program accredited by their local government. There are significant penalties for not having an accredited food safety program. The licensee of a food business must have an accredited food safety program if: The food […]

Ensuring Food Safety at Off-Site Events – Part I

If your food service establishment is catering for local events, festivals or any food event away from your food premises, Food Safety Supervisors need to be vigilant to ensure that the food you provide is safe. The food safety problems that may occur will depend on the food handling activities that you will have at […]