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Markets and Temporary Events | Food Safety Certificate SA

Food Safety Certificate SA

If there’s one thing that fairs, markets, festivals, and live shows have in common, it’s that they all serve food in different ways. Whether it’s full meals or quick-serve snacks, food must be served at these social events. Because there are lots of factors involved in the service and sale of these food, such as […]

Food handling, cleaning and sanitising to prevent food-borne illness

Food handler

Food businesses must maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene at their premises when food handling. This includes equipment, fixtures and fittings as well as the vehicles that are used to transport food. Food Handlers are expected to uphold a standard of cleanliness that ensures there is no accumulation of garbage, recycled matter, food […]

Ice is a food that must be managed safely by Food Handlers

It is easy to forget that ice is used as a food for human consumption and has the potential to cause food poisoning if it is not manufactured and handled under hygienic conditions. Food handlers that serve, handle or manufacture ice that will be consumed or will come into contact with food, have a responsibility […]