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Why the First Aid Certificate is Important in a Workplace

First Aid Certificate. CPR and first aid – they are skills that everyone should have, but not nearly enough people do. There are reasons why people don’t take up training. These reasons can range from a lack of motivation to a lack of resources, but whatever these reasons may be, one fact remains: not enough […]

I am a First Aid Officer – What are my responsibilities?

First Aid Compliance

First aid officers are an important role in an organisation in order to provide immediate care to an injured or ill person until they have either recovered or medical attention is provided.   Responsibilities Standard hygiene precautions and situational awareness are always required in any first aid situation. Take reasonable care of your own and […]

Why it’s time to invest in first aid

First aid training is the most critical business decision you will ever make. Many see this training as another compliance or requirement to tick a box, but it’s actually the most vital skill any employee can have. Imagine if one of your patrons has a heart attack, became suddenly ill or one of your chefs […]