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Information that Should Be Available to Gambling Patrons | RGS / RSG


You need to be aware of the responsible gambling information – RGS / RSG –  that is available in your workplace to assist you when responding to patrons request for information.   It is important that you know where the following gambling information is located (if you are unsure where to locate any of the following […]

Features of A Safe and Supportive Gambling Venue | RGS / RSG


A safe and supportive gambling environment involves establishing links with your local Gambling Help Service, and enlisting their professional advice and services. RGS / RSG staff should be able to readily provide responsible gambling information to patrons. Management should be supporting the responsible gambling role of the Customer Liaison Officer (CLO), and similar roles performed […]

RSG Online: Providing Information To Gambling Patrons

RSG certificate

It is every gambling venue’s responsibility to provide information to ensure patrons can make informed decisions about their gambling. As a gambling venue employee or RSG online certificate holder, your role in providing information to patrons within your workplace is absolutely critical.

Gambling myths

Do you know someone with a gambling addiction or dealt with patrons who have exhibited negative gambling behaviours?  There are many myths and mistaken beliefs that encourage people suffering from gambling addictions.  Customer Liaison Officer training is one way of ensuring that problem gamblers are not operating under the misconception of the following myths.

Gambling Addiction: Talk to a real person online

Many Australians deal with a gambling addiction, however most don’t know how to face their problem or where to start to get help. The first step is the hardest. Now, help is just a click away. Available immediately with no need to make an appointment, as there is now access to gambling counsellors online 24/7 […]

Regular Gamblers Have Much Greater Control Problems

According to the Productivity Commission’s Report into Gambling suggests that around 3 to 4% of all gamblers face difficulties ‘at least sometimes’ in controlling their gambling. For instance, around 1 in 25 gamblers play on after reaching a self-imposed limit and have difficulty in stopping themselves from playing.