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Introduction to commercial cookery: mise en place

Preparation is one of the most important components of food service in a hospitality environment. Insufficient preparation can act as a starting point for unsatisfactory service. The term used for preparation in the hospitality industry is “mise en place.”

Commercial cookery: making stock

A Certificate III in Commercial Cookery introduces you to the fundamentals of cooking such as making quality stock. Here are some tips: Good quality characteristics Liquid is clear, not cloudy Flavoursome Fat free Appropriate colour and aroma  Poor quality characteristics Cloudy Fatty Whenever a stock is not up to standard, there are always reasons. Some […]

Commercial cookery: all about stocks

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery introduces you to the fundamentals of cooking, such as making sauces. You may even wish to pursue as a saucier chef who is responsible for the mainstay ingredient of most dishes – the sauces. A stock is a flavoured liquid extracted from a related food product. With livestock, this flavour […]

Different types of salads

When studying a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, you will learn how to take the humble salad to haute cuisine. Green or tossed salad A green or tossed salad can be made with one type of lettuce. But for variety and colour, a mix of fancy and hybrid lettuces grown by hydroponics is often used. […]

Cleaning and maintaining kitchen premises

As a new apprentice chef, one of the first things you will learning during your Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) is the importance of cleaning and maintaining kitchens, and food preparation and storage areas in commercial cookery or catering operations.