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Teamwork in a Commercial Kitchen

Teamwork within a commercial kitchen is crucial. It is an environment where if you don’t work as a team and work together effectively, then success is impossible to achieve. Completing a Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) with Club Training Australia enables you to know the reasons as to why teamwork within a commercial kitchen […]

Storing and Reconstituting Stock

Stock is the foundations with which cooking is based. Therefore, being able to store and reconstitute stock is an imperative aspect to becoming a great chef and being able to create a flawless dish. When completing a Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) at Club Training Australia, you will learn the step by step process […]

Storing Soups and Sauces In A Commercial Kitchen

Storing food appropriately in a commercial kitchen is imperative to reducing the risk of food poisoning. Apprentice chefs will be shown throughout their apprenticeship where to store certain food to ensure its longevity and to minimise risk, this includes soups and sauces.

Personal Hygiene for Apprentice Chefs

Hygiene is paramount in all food areas including the premises, equipment, staff and all food prepared and sold by the business. It is management’s responsibility to make sure hygiene standards are met, and it is the responsibility of all staff including Apprentice chefs to meet these standards.

Efficient Workflow in a Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchens are very busy areas, and each area of the kitchen serves a specific purpose. The staff working in the kitchen must be organised and develop routine procedures that will enable them to make the most efficient and effective use of their work time. You will learn about developing efficient workflow in a commercial […]

Effective Teamwork in a Commercial Kitchen

A team is a collection of people who depend on each other’s efforts to achieve a common goal.  Teams are made up of individuals with a wide range of skills, strengths and weaknesses. A team should respect each other’s differences and encourage all members of that team to reach their potential. A Certificate III in […]

Quality Checks for Plated Meals

When presenting meals, the importance of plate selection should not be underestimated. During your Certificate III in Commercial Cookery you will learn that, to achieve a well presented dish – the plate must be in harmony with the food and the establishment’s style or theme. Plates must also be of an appropriate size for the […]

Plating up meals

During your Certificate III in Commercial Cookery you will learn that part of your mise en place involves making certain that you have sufficient supplies of clean, undamaged crockery, and that they are at temperatures appropriate to food being served.

Introduction to Garnishes

Much of our appreciation of food stems from its presentation. Garnishes are primarily an edible decorative item used to enhance the look of a plated meal or dish. A Certificate III in Commercial Cookery will introduce you to contemporary garnishes. Each enterprise will have its own standard of garnish for each dish it supplies. You […]

Preparing mouth watering sauces

Sauces, dressings, garnishes and various accompaniments might be additional to the main ingredients of a meal. They can be used to enhance the flavour, colour, aroma and overall presentation. A Certificate III in Commercial Cookery introduces you to the fundamentals of cooking, such as making quality sauces.