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Hospitality and Verbal Communication Go Hand in Hand

Why is verbal communication important within the hospitality industry? People always tell to us that communication is important, but they never explain why. So really why is it so important and what are the keys to exceptional verbal communication? When completing a school based traineeship, you will learn in-depth the reasons as to why verbal […]

Efficient Hospitality: Knowing The Menu

In addition to food and drink combinations, customers will also require information on the various accompaniments for different types of food. When working in the hospitality industry, you should also have an in-depth knowledge of the sauces, dressings, garnishes and various accompaniments as might be additional to the main ingredients of a meal. They can […]

The key to success for working in the hospitality industry

What is the key to success when working in the hospitality industry? The answer is something so simple and yet one of the hardest things to master for most – communication.  Your success in the hospitality industry impinges on your ability to communicate with not only customers but also your colleagues and management. You must […]

Gaining a Knowledge of Wine

When working in the hospitality industry, part of your service role involves providing advice to customers when required. If a customer asks you whether you are able to recommend a food, style of food, or beverage, you need to know how to respond. Responses will depend on what your establishment offers and will further be […]

Working in Hospitality: Product Knowledge

One of the first things you will learn when undertaking a school-based traineeship in hospitality is that you must be able to describe foods and beverages on the menu in ways that make them sound appetising and attractive, and must give customers accurate information in response to any questions or queries.

Working in Hospitality: Product Knowledge

Food and beverage encompasses the service provided to customers in regard to food and a wide variety of beverages. It incorporates a wide range of menus and service styles. Undertaking a school-based traineeship in hospitality will help you understand that you need to be aware of customer needs and expectations and the correct way to […]

Communicate with Customers and Colleagues from Diverse Backgrounds – Part II

Cultural awareness is about realising that not all people are the same. It is about knowing that different people have different values, different behaviours, and sometimes fundamentally different approaches to life. Cultural awareness also means that you can accept and show respect for other cultures in the workplace, even if certain practices seem strange to […]

Business Phone Calls: Providing Information

Studying a school-based traineeship in hospitality will give you the skills in making professional business phone calls. When providing information to a caller, relay it clearly and at reasonable pace. Allow the caller time to understand or write down the information. If necessary, ask questions that will enable you to make a judgement of whether […]