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Workplace Health and Safety: For Senior Management

Why should you train your senior managers in workplace health and safety (WHS)? Training ensures that the skills, knowledge and attitudes of people within the organisation are in line with the organisations overall goals. Therefore, by providing training to workers, supervisors, team leaders, management and senior management, it ensures that contributions as a team is […]

Investigation of Incidents: Finding The Underlying Causes

The determination of the underlying causes of a workplace incident will be dependent on the immediate causes supported by information provided by witnesses and established by undertaking appropriate research. The immediate causes have told us how the incident happened, whilst the underlying causes will tell us why the incident happened.

Investigation of Incidents: A Summary

Incident investigations are undertaken to establish causal factors of the event, and the quicker the investigations commences, the less risk there is of evidence being contaminated and witnesses descriptions being corrupted. A variety of investigators may be involved in the investigation of a particular event, and whilst they may be looking at the event from […]

Investigation of Incidents: Determining Immediate Causes

“Incident investigation is like peeling an onion. Beneath one layer of causes there are other layers. The outer layers deal with the immediate causes while the inner layers are concerned with the underlying causes such as weakness in the management system.”Trevor Kletz – Learning from Incidents in Industry The immediate causes are normally the easiest […]

Investigation of Incidents: Check for Similar Incidents

Numerous statutory authorities throughout the world produce executive summaries of incident reports. These are known in a variety of names such as safety alerts. These are accessible through various mediums such as safety magazines, trade and business journals, direct mailing lists, health and safety libraries, and of course the Internet. WorkSafe’s website has one of […]