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Impact of the Hospitality Industry on the Environment

With the recent renewed interest in global warming and heightened concern for environmental degradation, many people have started to pay attention to the impact of the hospitality industry on the environment. Sustainable work practices are now part of the equation; these practices involve looking at ways the business can reduce their impact on the environment.

Clean Hospitality Venues: Keep Those Tables Clear

Sitting at a table or in a drinking area surrounded by used glassware, crockery, etc, rapidly becomes very uninviting. Rows of dirty glasses left standing on the bar are also very unappealing. These things might make the difference between whether a customer returns to your establishment or not.

Cleaning Beverage Dispensers in The Bar

All hospitality establishments and bars have a range of beverage dispensers, and all must be cleaned and sanitised. Beer Panels – beer panels are comprised of a beer tap or taps (fonts), drip trays and often an instantaneous cooler (Temprite) under the bar counter. To clean beer panels:

Dealing with difficult customers on the phone

Working in hospitality establishments, you must be able to deal with difficult customers in a range of environments including the telephone.  If a customer phones to make a complaint, you will also need to know how to handle this. If the caller is angry, respond only with courtesy and respect. Let the caller vent one’s […]