Strategies to Prevent Intoxication | RSA

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Licensees should be aware that their premises would be more attractive, profitable and they may have lower staff turnover if they avoid problems caused by intoxicated customers. RSA QLD personnel will also find that they can perform better in an environment without the intoxicated customers.

Some strategies to prevent problems with intoxicated customers are:

  • Avoiding inappropriate promotions
  • Adopting a house policy on serving strategies and the refusal of service
  • Having a plan to prevent intoxication
  • Training staff regularly
  • Providing safe transport alternatives
  • Having communication plans in place

Some effective strategies to prevent intoxication are:

  • Promote low alcohol drinks
  • Promote non-alcoholic drinks
  • Offer water
  • Have food available
  • Sales techniques
  • Create a house policy around serving strategies and refusal of service

It is the task of management to create a low risk environment by implementing policies around the prevention of intoxication and underage drinking, and working with their RSA staff to ensure that this is put in place