Storing and Reconstituting Stock

Interested in a career in commercial cookery?Stock is the foundations with which cooking is based. Therefore, being able to store and reconstitute stock is an imperative aspect to becoming a great chef and being able to create a flawless dish. When completing a Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) at Club Training Australia, you will learn the step by step process of how to reconstitute and store stock appropriately.

When producing stock and it is completed, you must ensure that you immediately cool it and, if possible, refrigerate it. However, before you store it in the refrigerator you must make sure that you have broken large quantities into smaller non-absorbent containers with lid or covering. Separating the stock and placing it into smaller containers ensures that the stock cools down quickly and does not perish or become a high risk for bacteria to grow.

When storing stock please follow the below steps:

  • Label and date each container to ensure that you know the date it was placed in the cool room, and so that you can also immediately distinguish what is inside the container
  • Stock is placed in the cool room, covered, on a shelf off the floor, or frozen
  • Stock refrigerated at -4°C will last up to a week
  • Stock that is frozen can keep for more than 3 months

When you decide to use the stock again and take it from the refrigerator or freezer, do not take more than needed, as stock should only ever be boiled or reheated once.

To ensure that you are storing and reconstituting stock appropriately, you should follow the steps and procedures that can be found within the workbook for Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery). Stock is the base of a great dish; therefore you should make sure that you are following these steps.