Start your own Liquor Accord: Part 3

Liquor accordsEarlier on in the week we mentioned how establishing a Steering Committee can help bring a Liquor Accord into effect.  This week, we’ll be focusing on how developing local strategies can provide solutions to issues on a case-by-case basis.

If, for instance, you manage a venue with minimal access to taxis, you might implement a shuttle bus to assist people leaving your venue in the safest way possible.  Although this is an effective strategy – it may be irrelevant in dealing with anti-social behaviour during daylight hours in an area with good access to public transport.

Each venue’s Accord will vary depending on a multitude of factors and issues specific to the geographical location of the venue and its patron demographic.  Accord members must seek and obtain legal advice on the implications of trade laws, as well as other legal requirements, before creating Liquor Accord strategies.

Here are two important aspects of Accords you should consider when creating one for your own venue.

The Formalised Accord

While the name may make this a very involved process, there is no need to create an overly detailed complicated document.  In fact, simplicity and clarity works best in this case.  The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) granted conditional approval for a pro-forma liquor accord arrangement.  A copy of this arrangement can be found here.  Keep in mind that the adoption of this document is on a voluntary basis.

Promoting the Accord

If no one is briefed on a change of procedure, you can be sure that it won’t be implemented!  The same concept applies when promoting your Accord.  The more people who know what’s going on, the more likely it is to succeed.

Promoting your Accord provides important communication to the public about any changes or recent developments within the liquor industry, government agencies and community, to improve community wellbeing.  It also encourages the support of stakeholders who may have been initially cautious.

Some effective ways of promoting your Accord can include:

  • Encouraging media coverage by local media outlets, by writing and submitting press releases, or having your members attend relevant industry events

  • Creating and distributing promotional items such as posters, stickers or drinking coasters.  Keep in mind that material used by other Accords may be copyright material.  It is advisable to check before using any published material.

You can find out more about Accords and using promotional strategies to benefit your venue through RMLV training.