Standard Drink

Responsible Service of AlcoholTo be able to drink responsibly, you have to know first what a standard drink is and how much alcohol a standard drink contains. By having this knowledge, you are able to gauge how much you have consumed. Consuming alcohol responsibly is important, as you do not want to end up in a situation in which you are not in control.

A standard drink contains 10g of alcohol – this is equal to one glass of 285ml full strength beer, two 285ml glasses of light beer, or five 285ml glasses of extra light beer. It is also equal to one small 100ml glass of wine, one measure of 30ml spirits or one 60ml glass of fortified wine. If you are consuming alcohol that has been premixed and is purchased from a bottle shop, it is important to look at the label on the bottle as it will illustrate how many standard drinks it contains.

Although most venues serve standard drinks, some serve non-standard measures. If you are unsure as to the measurement of alcohol within your beverage, consult the bar attendant and ask how many standard drinks your beverage contains, this ensures that you can keep track of your alcohol intake.

In addition, if you are consuming alcoholic beverages at a private residence, ensure that each drink is the same as a standard drink. This is as at private residence, it is easy to be ‘generous’ with alcohol in consideration to licensed venues.

Drink responsibly and ensure you know how much alcohol you are actually consuming. Be in control of your alcohol intake – always ask if you are unsure what a standard drink is, or if you are being served more than a standard drink measurement.