Hospitality Staff Training Doesn’t Stop at RSA

Hospitality Staff Training doesnt stop at RSA

RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) training applies to most staff involved in the sale or supply of liquor. But is this enough? Responsible managers in licensed venues understand that staff training doesn’t stop at RSA and is essential to ensure that all staff members are delivering service in a consistent manner.

This enables the licensee with an assurance that staff understand and comply with the venue’s procedures manual and a┬árisk-assessed management plan (RAMP) and ultimately that laws will be complied with when they are not at the venue.

Staff training allows the management team to set standards for their own venue and it is these standards that differentiate between venues and help with that competitive edge. Even experienced staff should be involved in staff training.

Hospitality staff training can be delivered in a number of ways:

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol – every staff member needs to complete an RSA Course online to understand their responsibilities in the sale and service of alcohol, as well as how to respectfully refuse service to an unduly intoxicated patron.
  • Induction – to ensure staff members understand management expectations and are introduced to the procedures manual and policies.
  • Staff procedures manual and RAMP – written documentation which management can use to inform staff of the roles and expectations at the particular venue.
  • Food safety training – an important one in the hospitality industry is to understand the basics of safe food handling. Staff can complete a Food Handlers online course to get them up to speed.
  • Staff meetings /regular meetings to keep staff up to date with issues as well as providing an opportunity to reinforce messages and discuss problems. Additional time may be available for guest speakers.
  • External training – management should encourage staff to undertake additional training to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Attending local licensee meetings – senior staff may attend with the licensee or permittee for personal development and learn about local issues affecting their venue.

Ensure that your staff are adequately trained and minimise your risk as a responsible manager working in your licensed venue. RMLV training for the middle management team will assist licensees in complying with legislation.

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