Staff Inductions and young workers

Do you have a suitable induction program at your venue?Having a suitable induction program at your club is particularly important when employing young workers.

Young workers can be a vulnerable section of the workforce and deserve particular protection. Though they need additional guidance and support they can become loyal and valuable employees who will form the basis of your club’s future. They can also bring new enthusiasm and ideas to your business.

Young workers are often unaware of the laws that apply to their employment. It can be helpful to explain the basics of the employment relationship to your young workers.

Generally, young workers are at greater risk of being involved in accidents as they are new to the workforce or a particular job. Because they have very little experience, or are only working on a casual basis, they may not have gained enough knowledge to be aware of potential hazards that relate to your workplace the hospitality industry in general.

Young workers are more vulnerable to workplace bullying. Workplace bullying is unfair and inappropriate workplace behaviour which intimidates, offends, degrades, insults or humiliates a worker or workers and can include physical or psychological conduct.

An effective induction program will assist young workers settle safely into your workplace and reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents, bullying and harassment at your venue.