Staff Inductions and New Workers

Do you have a suitable induction program at your venue?It is best practice for clubs in Queensland to ensure that their induction program includes a dedicated section for new workers. As an employer, you must make sure workers have enough information, training and supervision to enable them to work safely. This training should:

  • Show workers how to do their job safely and how to recognise hazards on the job

  • Provide and show them how to safely use the necessary machinery and equipment

  • Provide and show them how to safely wear and use any personal protective equipment, such as gloves, safety footwear and goggles

  • Show them how to report any safety concerns or hazards

  • Help them get to know the workplace layout, their immediate supervisor, health and safety representative and workmates

  • Make it easy for new and young workers to ask questions – don’t assume they will ask

As an employer, you are responsible for sharing information with workers about workplace health and safety matters, including:

  • Asking for their input when looking at any workplace hazards and ways to control those hazards

  • Discussing new machinery and equipment when it is introduced into their work area

  • Discussions at team or toolbox meetings where health and safety concerns can be raised

  • Discussions with health and safety representatives.

An effective induction program assists clubs comply with the law as well as protect the safety of new workers.