Staff Inductions and Fire Safety

Online InductionProgressive Queensland Clubs ensure that they include a policy detailing fire safety in their induction program. Below are some suggested items to include in your policy.

Classes of Fires

There are a number of types of portable fire extinguishers available in Australia.  Each type of extinguisher may be rated for one or more classes of fire.  In some cases, particular extinguishers are not only considered ineffective against certain classes of fire, they can be dangerous if used in those circumstances.  The classes of fire you are most likely to encounter in a club environment are as follows:-

Class A

Ordinary Combustibles


These will put out fires in ordinary combustibles, such as wood and paper


Flammable gases


L.P.G., Butane, Acetylene, Hydrogen, Natural Gas, Methane, etc.

Class E

Electrically energised equipment


To be used on fires involving electrical equipment, such as appliances, wiring, circuit breakers and outlets

Class F

Cooking oils and fats

Portable fire extinguishers are distinguishable by their labels and their colouring.  In 1999, the standard colours of some portable fire extinguishers were changed.  It is therefore likely that you may encounter two of the same type of extinguisher with different colourings.

Ensure that fire safety is included to deliver an effective induction program at your venue.