Staff Inductions and Armed Robbery Policies

Do you have a suitable induction program at your venue?Effective Queensland Clubs include in their induction program a policy detailing emergency procedures such as armed robbery. Below are some suggested items to include in your policy.

The most important thing to do during an armed robbery is survive. Do not do anything that may place yourself or others in danger.

During the event

  • Co-operate fully

  • Stay calm

  • Do exactly as you are told

  • Make slow deliberate movements

  • If you need to get keys or take some action to comply with a demand from the offender, explain what you are about to do

  • Speak only when spoken to

  • Avoid eye contact with the offender

After the incident

The Manager on duty will notify Police and other emergency services on 000, be prepared to render any assistance as follows:

  • Ensure that premises are secure by locking all doors (This helps to guard against possible hostage situations in the event of offender/s returning to the premises if their escape route is cut off).

  • Render any assistance to persons in need.

  • Preserve the scene, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.

  • Identify and protect all areas and items touched by the offender/s.

  • Independently record in writing their recollection of the event, including full descriptions.  This must be done at the earliest opportunity – if possible before leaving the premises.

  • Do not discuss the incident with members of the media. No comment is to be made to the person with reference to any amounts of stolen money.

  • Co-operate fully with the investigating police.

An effective induction program ensures that the staff members have an understanding of emergency procedures and what to do in the event of an armed robbery.