Staff Behaviour and RMLV

RMLV trainingWhen you are tasked with managing a licensed venue, there is a range of factors that will have an impact on the likelihood of alcohol-related incidents.  One of the key measures is to ensure that staff and security personnel receive appropriate training and regular refresher training.  Here are just a few operational areas you should assess.


  • Develop display of house policy that publicises dress and behaviour standards

  • Ensure staff training is current and in-line with relevant legislation and managing patrons

  • Alert police on any illegal activity occurring in or around the premises, such as drug activity, prostitution, sexual assault and other undesirable activities

  • Liaise and collaborate with service providers to ensure access by patrons to transport

  • Do not implement any drinks promotion that may encourage deviant behaviour

  • Establish and fulfil codes of practice

  • Avoid serving food with a high salt content

  • Train staff to ensure they do not over-serve alcoholic drinks

  • Have security staff to manage admission to prevent intoxicated patrons from entering

  • Promote soft drinks or designated drivers

  • Develop a guide to help staff recognise intoxicated behaviour

  • Maintain a manageable ratio of staff to patrons

  • Display clear information about intoxication and underage offences

  • Provide good quality entertainment suitable for the patron group

Security staff behaviour

  • Assist in identification of underage patrons

  • Identify intoxicated, disorderly and offensive patrons

  • Attain skills in behaviour management and negotiation

  • Assist to facilitate transport for ejected, intoxicated and underage patrons

  • Record incidents

  • Assist exit of customers

  • Improve accountability by wearing uniforms, visible identification, and establishment of a senior security officer to oversee and document all activities

Bar staff behaviour

  • Attain skills in identification of intoxicated and underage patrons

  • Attain skills in management of unruly patrons and incidents

  • Know and understand legislative provisions about service to intoxicated and underage patrons

  • Request age identification

  • Reduce patron frustration and agitation, by effectively managing behaviour

  • Improve accountability by wearing uniforms, visible identification and establishment of a senior bar staff member to guide and assist other staff

As part of being a Responsible Manager, you must ensure that all staff members requiring approved manager status gain an RMLV certification.