Staff behaviour and RMLV

Use RMLV training to manage effectivelyUnfortunately, there has been a lot of bad press lately about the rough conduct of security staff in licensed venues.  A lot of this can easily be avoided if you breakdown the following areas of your business, and apply the appropriate measures of safe and responsible conduct.  RMLV training is an essential component of managing a licensed venue.  Ensure yours is current.


  • Display house policies that outline and publicise appropriate standards of dress and behaviour

  • Provide training to staff about legislation and managing patrons

  • Alert police on any illegal activity occurring in or near your premises

  • Work with service providers to provide safe transport options for patrons

  • Avoid unsafe drinking promotions or activities that may encourage deviant behaviour

  • Ensure that your venue’s hours of operation are appropriate for the area

  • Train staff to avoid over serving

  • Serve substantial low-salt food

  • Control admissions to prevent intoxicated persons from entering

  • Ensure a sufficient staff-to-patron ratio

  • Display signs about intoxication and underage offences

  • Provide entertainment suitable for the patron group

Security staff behaviour

  • Assist in the identification of underage patrons

  • Prevent intoxicated patrons from entering the venue, and assist in the removal of patrons displaying inappropriate behaviour

  • Assist in the facilitation of safe transport for ejected, intoxicated or underage patrons

  • Manage the traffic flow of patrons leaving the venue

  • Record all incidents

  • Ensure that security staff have easily identifiable uniforms

Bar staff behaviour

  • Ensure that intoxicated or underage patrons are refused service of alcohol

  • Assist in the management of unruly patrons and incidents

  • Know and understand the legislative provisions about service of alcohol to members of the public

  • Improve accountability through uniforms, visible ID, and ensure there are enough senior staff members on shift to assist inexperienced or junior staff.

RMLV training is a crucial aspect to managing a licensed venue.  Check our course page here.