Social Changes in Hospitality

Certificate II in Hospitality The hospitality and tourism industry is ever changing, and businesses within the industry need to stay on top of change to ensure that they have a competitive advantage. But how do you stay on top and keep up to date with the ever-evolving industry? If you are interested in the hospitality industry and want to learn more about how to identify changes within the industry, a school-based traineeship could be for you. 

For a business within the hospitality and tourism industry to be successful, it must stay informed and on top of both social and legal changes. This is to ensure that you are keeping up to date with what your customers want, as their wants and needs change on a regular basis.

Sources of information about your business, what your customers want, legal requirements and, also, general changes within the industry can be located in the below resources:

– Media
– Reference Books
– Internet
– Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
– Libraries
– Magazines
– Unions
– Market Research
– Industry Associations
– Personal observations and experiences
– Industry Journals
– Customer Feedback
– Seminars / Expos

One of the most important and priceless resources that you have access to is staff and customer feedback. This feedback from customers and staff is the key to success, as your frontline staff would know exactly what your customers want and need. If you are able to use feedback and make the changes that are required, you will be able to retain customers. Happy customers equals to a successful business.

All businesses should have, as their ultimate goal, high level of customer satisfaction. You must constantly identify their needs and find new methods of continuous improvement to meet those needs. This is as if your customers are satisfied, they will return and, also in turn, tell their friends and family. If you are able to take feedback and turn it into constructive change that meets your customers’ need by keeping them satisfied, your business will be successful as customers will keep coming back, increasing revenue.