Sober Up

Responsible Service of AlcoholSo you’ve had a big night out and now you want to sober up and fast! But how do you really sober up? Do you really know? Ask anyone how to sober up and you will get a wide range of answers, with most of the answers being old wives tales that can cause more harm to your body and do not sober you up.

There a wide range of answers to the question what sobers you up, let’s look at a few and see if they really sober you up:
Drinking coffee? Majority of people consider that the caffeine in the coffee has properties that sober you up at a faster rate. This however is incorrect, coffee contains caffeine (a stimulant) and mixing it with alcohol (a depressant) can have negative effects on your body and will not assist the process of sobering up.

Drink water? People consider that by drinking water after drinking alcohol will sober you up, this is incorrect. Although water does rehydrate your body, drinking water has no effect on the time it takes to sober up.

Vomiting? Some consider that by vomiting you are releasing the alcohol from your body, this is also incorrect. Vomiting does get rid of the alcohol in your stomach; however alcohol once consumed is quickly absorbed into the blood stream.

There is only one clear way to sober up and that is – stop drinking. There is nothing that you can do to extract the alcohol out of your blood stream and, therefore, all you can do is wait, wait for the alcohol to leave the body.

Therefore, if you are to consume alcohol, consider that it takes time for it to leave your body for you to sober up, and that there is no method to sober yourself up at a faster pace. It takes time. It is also important to consider the amount of time it takes for the alcohol to leave your body before you get behind the wheel of heavy machinery. This includes the following day after drinking, as small traces of alcohol could still be in your system and can affect your reaction times. To learn more about sobering up and about responsible service of alcohol, complete an online RSA with Club Training Australia.