Smartphone Mystery Shopping

Club Training innovattion: smart phone APP for mystery shopping

Mystery shopping takes an exciting turn as the CTA and DWS team apply Smartphone technology to completely revamp the mystery shop experience. The program is currently being delivered in a broad range of large clubs and hotels throughout Queensland.

Mystery shops are conducted by industry experts who provide extensive feedback on all departments and benchmark your venue against competitor’s performance.

No longer are we secretively writing notes on napkins, coasters and whatever we can get our hands on when we conduct a shop. The program sits on our smartphones, tailored to the venue, and allows us to mark as we go and take detailed notes then and there without being noticed.

The program is tailored to suit your needs by addressing specific areas of concern or a general survey can be chosen which captures feedback from all areas of the venue. By using a smartphone based system, mystery shoppers are able to provide enhanced features including:

  • Personalised questions to suit individual venue requirements.
  • Ability to provide immediate responses on service standards, quality and department performances.
  • Real time responses to capture detailed feedback.
  • Competitive benchmarking against other local venues.
  • Discrete data collection during visit via iphone application.

CTA and DWS will provide packages to suit your requirements ranging from one visit per week to a number of different shoppers visiting your venue over several weeks on specific days and times.

Contact our Senior Consultant, Danny Nixon-Smith for more information email or phone