Signs that a person is intoxicated

Responsible Service of AlcoholThere are clear signs of intoxication, and as a staff member within a licensed venue, it is your responsibility to be able to identify these signs before a patron is uncontrollably intoxicated. As blood alcohol levels rise, differences can be noticed in coordination, appearance, speech and behaviour of patrons.

There are clear behavioural, physical and other signs that an intoxicated person may show. If a patron is showing clear signs of intoxication, you must ensure that the patron is no longer allowed to purchase alcohol on the premises; they must be cut off.  An intoxicated person may show the following signs:

– Becoming loud and disorderly
– Argumentative
– Annoying other patrons at the venue
– Becoming incoherent, slurring or making mistakes when they speak
– Physically violent
– Using offensive language
– Exhibiting inappropriate sexual behaviour

Physical Signs:
– Spilling their drink
– Fumbling and unable to pick up change
– Swaying and/or staggering
– Bumping into furniture
– Bloodshot eyes
– Lack of focus
– Falling down and/or injuring themselves
– Flushed face

Other Signs:
– Rambling conversation
– Loss of train of thought
– Difficulty to pay attention
– Not understanding what has been said to them
– Drowsiness and/or falling asleep
– Vomiting

There are also other ways of determining if a person is intoxicated, you may ask yourself the below questions:
– Does the person smell of alcohol?
– When did the person enter the premise?
– What type of alcohol have they been consuming?
– How much alcohol have you witnessed them consuming?

By considering the above questions you will be able to better determine if a person is intoxicated. If you consider a person/s to be intoxicated, you need to take the implemented steps to ensure that the person/s are not allowed to be served further, and take actions that are considered applicable. If you are unsure of the prescribed steps or feel uncomfortable at any time, contact your manager for assistance.