Signs of a Problem Gambler

Responsible Service of GamblingDo you know how to identify the signs of a problem gambler within your venue? The issue is that the indicators of a problem gambler are not always clear cut, and you should not make assumptions. So how do you ensure that your patrons are not at risk and are gambling within their means?

There are some ways that you may become aware of a patron’s gambling problem, these include:

  • A patron requests to be excluded from the venue

  • A patron tells a staff member that they have a gambling addiction

  • A staff member observes some serious gambling addiction signs

  • A family member or close friend comes to the venue and discusses that a specific patron has a gambling addiction.

However, you should also ensure that you are not basing your decision that a specific patron is a gambling addict on broad assumptions. For example:

  • A patron’s mood

  • The number of times a patron comes to the venue and gambles

  • The amount of money spent on gambling

  • The amount of time spent at the venue.

You are not expected to be able to identify what a patron’s limit in regard to gambling, as you don’t know how much each patron can afford to gamble and what is ‘normal’ for them. You should also resist temptation of applying your own values and/or standards in regard to patron’s behaviour, as no one person is the same. You need to respect each patron and consider them all equal. There are a number of signs that you should look for when it comes to patrons and gambling addictions, make sure you are aware of each patron. Don’t make assumptions, but ensure that all patrons are gambling responsibly.