Showcase Your Hospitality Skills: CTA’s New Digital Badges

In a world of social media and personal branding, hospitality professionals are continuously required to showcase their skills, qualifications and job experiences to the world.

Digital credentials are an effective way to achieve this, while providing an opportunity to display your successful completion of related qualifications!

CTA Training Specialists now offer free Digital Badges with most of our Accredited courses. These badges are delivered straight to your email upon successful completion of your qualification, allowing you to set yourself apart and immediately supercharge your profile.

With the ability to be quickly added to any resume or social media profile, these badges certify your knowledge and qualifications, demonstrate your dedication to future employers and offer a foundation for future career opportunities and success.

These digital badges are sometimes referred to as “micro credentials” and are becoming much more popular as individuals begin to specialise into specific areas of expertise, which is an obvious opportunity for the hospitality industry. The badges also display the Australian state in which the qualification was issued, so at a glance, a hiring manage can recognise the appropriate qualification has been achieved for that state.

You can post these digital credentials on your professional social media accounts and include printouts in your CV documents and qualifications. They tell your professional story in a way that is complete, validated, and easily accessible by employers and business partners.

CTA Training Specialists partnered with Credly, who is one of the best known digital credential listing sites in the world. With over 650,000 new digital badges shared on the Credly network every month, you can trust in the validity and value of these micro-credentials.

Learn More about our Digital Badges here.