Short-term benefits of facility management on licensed premises

Keep your venue maintainedAs a manager of a licensed venue, are you aware of the benefits of facility management in everyday activities that affect the venue?  This can include safety, serviceability, as well as the overall appearance of the venue?


You must ensure that the venue’s facilities do not deteriorate as they can become a safety hazard to people using them.  Club facilities should be properly maintained, with any signs of ‘wear and tear’ noted so that they may be replaced.  Your venue may be liable to legal action should a customer, employee or contractor become injured while using your venue’s facilities or services.


Clubs and hotels must ensure that their facilities are properly maintained to prevent the lack of service to clientele.  This will reflect badly on the venue and may contribute to lack of business.


The appearance of a venue is a crucial factor in influencing the perception of the public.  If your venue does not meet an acceptable standard in appearance, people will not visit which will impact the financial viability of your operation as well as its reputation.

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