Sharing is caring

Certificate II in Hospitality – dealing with conflict at work or at school‘Sharing is caring’ has never been more important in the hospitality industry, that is information sharing. Sharing information with your colleagues is one of the best ways to develop in-depth product and service knowledge. If you don’t share with your colleagues the information that you have, then customers will not receive the best information, limiting their overall experience. It is your job to keep them coming back.

Keeping up to date on new and relevant change is important whether it be – a new product, changing trends, new techniques, technologies and/or services. You need to share with your colleagues the knowledge that you have and vice versa, this means that you both are up to date and have the knowledge that is required. If you don’t share, then both of you will not be equipped with the knowledge required to satisfy your customer.

It is also your responsibility as a team member to share product information, customer needs, expectations and wants with your colleagues. You are able to convey product and service information through a variety of channels, some examples are as per below:

  • In a casual discussion

  • Formal or informational staff meetings

  • Memos, emails, text messages or instant messages

  • During one-on-one mentoring

  • Product development meetings

  • Social media

  • During ‘customer feedback analysis’ sessions

  • Teambuilding events

  • Supplier or manufacturer presentations

  • Intranet

  • Internal memo board

There are no excuses for not sharing product and/or service knowledge with other staff or team members, as communication channels to broadcast the information are endless. Therefore, if you know something that you think would be beneficial to other staff members and increase the experience of the customer, then share it. Always make an effort to share. In particular, if your venue has a school-based trainee, make it your responsibility to show this staff member the ropes, and provide them with the knowledge required to do their job to the best of their ability.