Serving packaged beers

Risk managementWith boutique beers becoming more commonplace and experiencing high demand, it is common for a customer to request a bottle or can of beer – these are termed ‘packaged beers.’  These are easy to serve, and here are few hospitality tips to ensure the customer receives a high quality product with minimal hygiene risks.

  • When opening bottles, check whether they are – twist top or crown sealed.

  • Crown sealed tops are those where the metal cap has been applied to the bottle under pressure and require levering off. Always hold the bottle firmly in one hand, use an upward motion with your opener to lever it off gently.

  • Open canned beers with the fitted ring attached. Cans are to be opened with the mouth of the can facing away from you or the customer you are serving, to avoid pressurised liquid escaping.

  • When pouring a bottle of beer into a glass, ensure that the neck of the bottle does not touch the rim of the glass, to avoid possible contamination.

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