Serving non-alcoholic beverages

Hospitality trainingIf you already know how to serve alcoholic beverages, have you given a thought to customers who either don’t or can’t drink alcohol, or patrons who are designated drivers?  To ensure that all your customers enjoy their time at your venue, add a finer hospitality touch – you should also supply a wide range of alternative non-alcoholic beverages.

These drinks may include:

  • Teas and Coffees

  • Juices

  • Water

  • Minerals, such as Lemonade, Dry Ginger, Coca Cola, etc.

  • Cordials, such as Black Currant, Lime, & Grenadine

  • Bitters

  • Some Cocktail Syrups

As there is a vast range of teas and coffees, it would take many years of training to develop a thorough knowledge base of these beverages.  In addition to supplying generic tea such as Bushells, Lipton’s or Tetley, it’s worth considering serving specialty teas that have gained popularity such as Earl Grey, Lap Sang Su Chong, and other caffeine-free herbal teas such as Camomile and Green tea.  With the rise in specialty tea shops, licensees now have an obligation to provide more choice to patrons.

If you feel you can benefit from specialised training in hospitality, check out our Certificate III in Hospitality.