Separating foods for Food Safety

Food Safety Supervisor trainingKeeping raw and ready-to-eat food is an essential part of food preparation, and helps prevent bacteria from causing serious harm to consumers.

Here are the areas of food contact that you should keep in mind when preventing contamination.

Coordinate your delivery times

Organise delivery times so that raw foods arrive at different times from other foods.  When collecting food from the shops, make sure that it’s kept at the correct temperature when you transport it. Make sure you unload deliveries in a clean, separate area. Throw out outer packaging. Ensure you take note of any allergy or ingredient information.


Raw and ready-to-eat food should be stored in separate fridges, freezers and display units.  Raw meat, poultry, fish and eggs must be stored under ready-to-eat food.

Cover cooked foods and other ready-to-eat food.


If you are defrosting food in the fridge, make sure that it is kept in a covered or sealed container to keep it separate from other food.


When preparing meals, make sure that raw meat is prepared in a separate area from vegetables or ready-to-eat food, to avoid contamination.  Otherwise, clean and disinfect preparation areas between each batch.

Enrolling in a food safety supervisor course is a mandatory requirement for all catering businesses; make sure your staff have the appropriate knowledge about food hygiene.