Security factors to consider at your next event

Club Training Australia RMLV TrainingWhat could happen?  What if something unexpected occurs?  These are questions you should be asking yourself when responsibly managing security in your venue.

Different events and situations will have different requirements depending on the size of the venue, staff-to-patron ratio, and the expectations of the crowd.

Although keeping your patrons safe is the utmost priority, event managers should also consider ID checking points, cash security, asset protection, crowd management and the safety of the general public outside of the event.  Taking a professional, friendly and proactive approach to security is key in preventing confrontations, as well as contributing to a positive atmosphere.

In regard to security in your event planning, it’s also best to consider where patrons can store their valuables, such as designated cloak or bag areas. It’s also important that patrons understand that some items may not be brought in to your event.  This should be advertised and clearly explained in your communication material prior to the event.  This is an effective way of reducing confrontation between patrons and staff, and also helps in the management of foot traffic and minimising wait times.

To ensure your staff members will be effective managers on the day, it is worth considering enrolling them in an RMLV courseClub Training Australia RMLV training also includes the RSA certification, which is a great way to ensure that your staff are up to date on current legislation and alcohol service laws.