School based trainees kick goals at Ipswich Jets!

Ipswich Jets Trainees ready to take off

Last year, Ipswich Jets commenced their first group of School Based Trainees, offering six local Ipswich kids a great opportunity to undertake a Certificate III in Hospitality. At the end of April, all six will graduate, and four will be offered ongoing employment at the club.

General Manager of the Ipswich Jets, Justin Hall commented: When CTA first suggested a school based training program, on this scale, we were understandably not sure how it would work. However the program has been a great success. Having the students in and around the club has given our members and guests an interest in how we cultivate and train our staff. The students have grown in stature and confidence and it gives the club and our members an immense feeling of community pride, to be able to support young people in the Ipswich community, and the Ipswich Jets family.

For more information download our brochure on school-based trainees. If you are interested in looking at a community project, supporting local kids, and finding great new and future staff, contact Bill Alexion, Business Development Manager on 0407 464 305 or