Safe transport options from licensed premises

Responsible service of AlcoholProviding safe transport options to patrons is an important part of harm minimisation and responsible service of alcohol.

Safe transport options, particularly late at night, should be promoted to patrons to reduce the potential for drink driving and road accidents. Depending on the nature and location of the venue, safe transport options can also reduce the potential for noise disturbances when patrons leave the premises. Many liquor accords have successfully implemented transport options for patrons of participating venues. This approach has the advantage of sharing limited resources, such as taxis, and reducing operating costs for venues.

Venue courtesy bus

Some venues offer the services of a venue courtesy bus which picks up and drops off customers. This service not only promotes the venue’s commitment to responsible service but can also assist in reducing the incidence of anti- social behaviour, drink driving and drink walking.

Safe transport options include:


Options include:

  • Making taxis as available and easy to use
  • Offering to call a taxi for your customers
  • Having a free phone available for customer usage to call a taxi
  • Displaying taxi signage
  • Promoting or offering discount taxi schemes
  • Taking part in taxi voucher schemes – these are sometimes introduced as a local liquor accord strategy


Options include:

  • A taxi system that delivers a driver to take the customer home in their car
  • Displaying signage about the service in a visible spot

Designated driver

Options include:

  • Encouraging groups to designate a sober driver
  • Providing designated drivers with free non-alcoholic drinks

Promote public transport

A good strategy is making details of public transport available near the venue. This can include making details of bus/train/ferry timetables available, and making announcements when the last scheduled bus/train/ferry is about to depart nearby.

Getting patrons home safely and quietly are two key objectives for RSA QLD staff in offering safe transport from a venue.