RSG: Commonly Used Terms – Part ll

Responsible Service of GamblingThis blog continues a series on commonly used terms described in the recently updated Responsible Gambling Code of Practice. RSG staff and Customer Liaison Officers should have an in depth understanding of these terms.

Gambling product or service

Any gambling activity or scheme authorised under a gaming or wagering act.

Gambling providers

Gambling providers that conduct legal forms of gambling, including gaming machines, casino, wagering, interactive gambling, lotteries, keno and minor gaming.


All legal forms of gambling other than wagering. Gaming includes gaming machines, casino table games, interactive gambling, lotteries, keno and minor gaming.

Irresponsible trading practice

The offering of an inappropriate enticement to customers, that is in conflict with the objective of maximising responsible gambling and minimising problem gambling.

Minor gaming

Encompasses charitable and non-profit gaming, including art unions, bingo, lucky envelopes, raffles and the like.


The likelihood of a particular outcome or event occurring.

RSG staff and CLOs should ensure that all these terms become part of their knowledge.