RSG and Risks of Gambling

RSG and risks of gambling

Staff who work within a licensed venue that have gaming facilities must have their valid responsible service of gambling (RSG), to be able to legally work within the gaming area. This is to ensure that all staff members are aware of the risk of gambling and how to ensure that patrons are gambling within their means. It is also to ensure that the venue is compliant with all gaming legal requirements.

One of the legal requirements for a venue that has a gaming area is to ensure that – information about the potential risk associated with gaming and where to get help – is displayed appropriately. The venue must ensure that the responsible gambling signages, which can be found at, are predominantly displayed. Displaying responsible gambling signage is a requirement of the Queensland responsible gambling code of practice for:

    • bingo
    • casinos
    • charitable and not-for-profit
    • clubs
    • hotels
    • Keno
    • lotteries
    • racing and wagering sectors.

    Signage should be displayed in prominent positions, such as:

    • gambling areas
    • where the sale or redemption of gaming tokens takes place, points of sale (e.g. cashiers cage)
    • ATM, EFTPOS and cash out facilities servicing gambling areas
    • Keno/wagering areas.

The signage must be clearly displayed at these areas and must be visible to persons in the area. This is to ensure that all patrons engaging in gambling are aware of the risks before continuing.

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