RSA Online and Staff Training

rsa online

Being able to identify the signs of intoxication is the responsibility of the staff at licensed venues, and if the signs are missed – the consequences are detrimental. Therefore it is crucial that your staff must be able to quickly identify the signs, and completing an RSA Online with Club Training Australia will provide them with the knowledge and information required to be able to provide responsible service of alcohol.

Staff within a venue who serve patrons alcohol can decrease the level of intoxication by quickly identifying when an individual has had enough, and to take the steps required. This thereby reduces the risks of harm that can be caused by excessive alcohol intake if the staff can identify these signs.

Not only is it the responsibility of bar staff and staff who serve alcohol within a licensed venue to provide a safe venue environment, but it is also the responsibility of crowd controllers. This is because crowd controllers play a pivotal role by working with bar staff to minimise anti-social behaviour, and to also identify when a patron has consumed an excessive amount of alcohol.

Club Training Australia can provide all staff members in a licensed venue with the imperative information and skills that they require to work within a licensed venue and provide patrons with a safe and socially responsible environment. The skills that your staff will acquire if they complete an RSA online with Club Training Australia are:

  • Be able to understand their obligations under the law
  • Identify customers to whom alcohol service may be refused
  • Responsibly assist customers to drink within appropriate limits
  • Assist alcohol-affected customers
  • Refuse service to customers in a professional manner.


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