RSA, minors and duplicate licenses


When working on a licensed premises in Queensland and delivering responsible service of alcohol (RSA), you have an obligation to ensure that minors are not served alcohol.

You may not be aware but some minors take the documents of adults to the Queensland Department of Transport and fraudulently obtain a duplicate learner’s permit or duplicate driver’s licence. The duplicate bears their photograph but shows the name of the adult as well their date of birth.

It is easy to recognise a duplicate licence issued in Queensland as they have a “D” placed at the end of the licence/permit number.

If a patron shows a duplicate licence/permit as proof of identity you should request a secondary form of identification such as a credit card to verify that the duplicate is not a fake.

If a secondary form of ID cannot be shown, you should seriously consider refusing entry to the patron.

Remember that you can personally be fined so ensure you are aware of your legal obligations when working on a licensed premises: keep your RSA certificate current.


Even though RSA certificates do not need to be renewed anymore, it is best practice for your hospitality business to ensure staff undertake refresher courses and keep up-to-date.  The Club Training RSA course is just $20, click here to enrol today!