Role of the venue Customer Liaison Officer (CLO)

Customer Liaison OfficerThe role of the Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) is to ensure that the venue acts in accordance with The Responsible Gambling Code of Practice.  This facilitates liaison with the venue and the wider community, and is considered to be a harm minimisation strategy.

The position of CLO can assist in starting the process of early intervention and prevention strategies that minimise the risk of gambling addictions in patrons.

The Code of Practice requires every gambling venue to nominate at least one staff member to perform the role of CLO.  An appropriate nominee could be a supervisor or manager.

Role of the venue Customer Liaison Officer (CLO)

The Customer Liaison Officer has three (3) key responsibilities:

  1. Provide appropriate information to assist patrons with gambling-related problems

  2. Support staff in providing assistance to patrons

  3. Provide assistance to staff with gambling-related problems.

Even if you are not your venue’s CLO, it is vital that you understand the role of the CLO so you can help refer patrons requesting help.