Road to Recovery: Peer Support

Responsible Service of GamblingHave you ever used an online forum? Online forums are a way for people to come together and discuss certain topics online. Now, online forums have been transformed and become a way for individuals with gambling addictions to come together and work together through their issues.

The new online gambling community forum has become a space where people with gambling issues can connect with others in a similar situation, share stories, setbacks, strategies, outcomes, and also be able to access vital information that will assist them. It is an environment for people that have a gambling problem to step forward in a non-threatening environment and stay completely anonymous at the same time, which means that individuals are more likely to come forward and accept help.

The overall forum is designed to assist individuals to overcome their gambling addiction in the following ways:

  1. It is open to anyone – this includes the affected individual, family members, loved ones, friends and also health professionals. This is as gambling addiction not only affects the addicted individual but also the people around them. They also require assistance.

  2. It promotes healing through sharing your stories with others and to stay completely anonymous.

  3. It is less threatening to the individual as when they access formal help it can be confronting and uncomfortable, which deters the individual and does not assist.

  4. It provides a support group for people who are enrolled in professional help, particularly between sessions.

  5. When logged into the forum, you can come into contact with gambling counsellors who act as ‘facilitators’ and encourage open discussion.

The online gambling forum is a point of support for people with gambling addictions, and provides them with a place where they can be anonymous and open about their problem and gain support. Admitting and coming open about a gambling addiction is the first step and this forum is a helping hand providing people with the same issue to come together, and to realise that they are not alone and to gain support which is vital to recovery.